News 07:03 March 2023:

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Most times, the newbie has a bigger problem gaining followers on twitter. First there is need to understand how twitter works. Identifying a niche is one important aspect and following people of same interest is another added advantage. Probably, this may not work out well for most people finding alternative ways gain success on twitter.  Daily tweeting, answering tweets and messages can give you an exposure as it is a two-way street.  Interaction is essential as followers of another party can get to follow you if you have the same interests.

Other than using your real names on twitter, a great way to direct people to your profile is by using twitter likes.   An ultimate impact is guaranteed on your popularity, increased in a number of friends and even connections. Gaining of followers becomes an easy task and there you are as an expert. A survey conducted on what your follower are interested in is an ideal way so as enable you gain more twitter likes.

Ideally, purchasing of automatic twitter likes enhances a greater reach of followers. Once a newbie’s tweet appears on the newsfeed with a lot of likes, curiosity by other followers of what he or she is tweeting about is created.  A click on the tweet leads to a follow and within  few hours of using automatic twitter likes, you are no longer a newbie.