Want more Periscope Followers? Use these tips

Periscope is an amazing platform, and it is the best social media app for people who love keeping everything authentic. The hearts and favorites sections can also be satisfying especially if you use the platform for a noble or business reason. But getting the followers on the other hand can sometimes be a pain in the neck.  The following tips could help increase your periscope followers.

To start with, learn what interests your audience. Do they want to get genuine information from you? Do they want to know a part of you they don’t? If yes, broadcast just that. If you are a musician for instance, add more than previews of your music. Include your backstage acts, your interaction with fans and such sorts of things. In addition, widen your market reach by sharing your broadcasts on twitter. Let the world know what you are offering. If you are on social media for fun and accomplishment, play with people’s emotions in a good way. Draw anticipation, unpredictability and thrills from your live broadcasts and you will be amazed at how big your periscope followership will be.

What Pictures Should You Avoid: How to Lose Your Free Followers on Instagram

Working to build a social media presence takes a great deal of effort and energy. For many companies or organizations, Instagram is a place that their fans and followers are gained. This site is all about sharing images, pictures, and other graphics in a quick and easily digestible way. As such, millions of users come to the site every day to check out what is going on and learn more about the pages that they are following.

Yet, as quickly as these pages can grow in free followers and through their free likes, these individuals can be lost as well. Individuals that want to avoid losing their audience need to know what to do in order to avoid this problem. One way to lose followers is to post something too risqué for the audience or too controversial. If you have built an audience and want to retain your followers, then, you want to avoid this problem by gauging what it is that your audience expects and avoid going too far outside of their comfort zone.

Make It Interactive: Getting Free Followers and Free Likes

Social media pages can all start to look the same after a while. In today’s modern world filled with technology and continual access, blending in is not the end goal. After all individuals want something to grab their attention. If your page is simply doing what everyone else does, then, you will not get noticed for good things and, even worse, you may not get noticed at all. If you want to makes sure that you are getting the most from your social media pages and get those free followers and free likes that you want and need, then make sure that you are doing something that will grab your audience’s attention.

There are many different strategies that you can use to get noticed. Among the most important and effective is to make a page highly interactive. Yes, social media pages will have their own guidelines and their own rules. This is okay and can be easily made to work in your favor. Consider posting content that is going to grab the attention of your audience by asking the to do something. For instance, ask them to share your content with friends for a prize or like if they want to see this product on your shelves. This call to action and interactive element will not only get your page noticed but it will likely leave your audience coming back time and again to see what they can be a part of next!

It’s All in the Pictures: Free Likes

If you want to get individuals and people involved in your page, you need to make sure that you are giving them what it is that they want and need. That means that you need to make sure that you are meeting your followers and your social media fans where they are by providing them with the items and posts that are going to get them talking. There are several ways to get free likes from your fans on social media. One of the ways to do this is through images.

Images are a great way to get your free followers talking and sharing about your page. One of the reasons is because images evoke emotions almost instantaneously. That means that those who see a post with the right image are likely to have a visceral reaction. As such, they will likely respond positively or at least emotionally to your post. Emotion can be a great motivator of interaction. Therefore, consider this as a must to get people involved in your page and leave them following you for the long haul.

Uploading Your Local Photos to Snapchat

There are comes a time when the images you would like to share with your Snapchat followers is saved within your phone. Rather than having to take another photo for this purpose, you can just upload the local photos to your Snapchat account. Basically, it is impossible to do this using the Snapchat app alone. Snapchat allows you to take videos and photos and post them in real time. As such, users on this social media platform are unable to perfect their videos and photos using programs, such as PhotoShop, prior to sending them to their friends on Snapchat.

This is why developers went out of their way to come up with applications that allow snapchat users to upload their local photos and videos to their snapchat accounts. The good news is that a good number of the third-party Apps that allow you to upload files that are saved in your phone are free. A good example of such apps is the Upload ‘n’ Roll app. As such, sending local files to Snapchat followers is no longer a problem.


Most times, the newbie has a bigger problem gaining followers on twitter. First there is need to understand how twitter works. Identifying a niche is one important aspect and following people of same interest is another added advantage. Probably, this may not work out well for most people finding alternative ways gain success on twitter.  Daily tweeting, answering tweets and messages can give you an exposure as it is a two-way street.  Interaction is essential as followers of another party can get to follow you if you have the same interests.

Other than using your real names on twitter, a great way to direct people to your profile is by using twitter likes.   An ultimate impact is guaranteed on your popularity, increased in a number of friends and even connections. Gaining of followers becomes an easy task and there you are as an expert. A survey conducted on what your follower are interested in is an ideal way so as enable you gain more twitter likes.

Ideally, purchasing of automatic twitter likes enhances a greater reach of followers. Once a newbie’s tweet appears on the newsfeed with a lot of likes, curiosity by other followers of what he or she is tweeting about is created.  A click on the tweet leads to a follow and within  few hours of using automatic twitter likes, you are no longer a newbie.

Being a Voyeur on Snapchat

While there are various ways in which a snapchat account, many of the users today are just snapchat voyeurs. This is a user who logs in just to have a look at other users’ stories and snaps. Such users mostly end up being snapchat followers to other users who appear to be attractive to them. Well, following other users on this platform is not that hard; the snapchat application offers a live few from the phone camera, featuring an array of cryptic icons. What you need to do is swipe the camera screen downwards to get to your profile screen. Alternatively, you may tap on the ghost icon displayed on your screen.

From the profile screen, you can add new friends by selecting the ‘Add Friends; options. This will yield a list of names in your phonebook for you to select the ones you would like to add. You may also search for users by keying in their usernames. However, you need to be very keen with the search because you may end up following the wrong person. If you are looking forward to getting Snapchat followers, you should not be a voyeur on this platform.